Infrared Portraits

When shooting Doa in downtown Austin recently I brought my converted Infrared Camera and tried taking IR Portraits for the first time.  I had some great results!  A few of the pics I have to save for my up and coming IR Photography book to be published by Focal Press. But here I can show you how beautiful an IR Portrait looks.

Most shots have to be converted to B&W.  But you can also go with Sepia..and a slight chance a color version may work!  The key to such a shot is that the IR filter makes the skin look silky and smooth.  No touch up needed.  I had Doa pose in many ways…looking at the camera and not.  I found out that a direct view of the eyes is not a good thing in IR.  It looks too harsh and zombie like.  Above you can see she is looking away…safe!  It was a great learning experience!

The next step in my IR portraits is to get a couple pose with foliage in the background.  Now that will be sweet! I’ll post a version when I get one here!  Enjoy!


7 comments on “Infrared Portraits

  1. theaterwiz says:

    Very nice Pete, Julie’s daughter is getting married this spring and I want to do some IR shots of her, I have seen some IR wedding shots that look really nice

  2. Wow, I wouldn’t of thought to use IR for portraits. This looks really good Peter!

  3. hdrexposed says:

    Looks awesome Pete! Still have to spring for the IR!

  4. atmtx says:

    Looks great. Didn’t realize it was IR without looking at the description.

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