Huntington Dog Beach

Huntington Dog Beach

From a recent trip to the Huntington Dog Beach here in Orange County….my little one and our dog running free in the surf….having a blast!


Just taking it easy

While in CA recently, my daughter took a horse riding camp for the week.  When going to pick her up at the ranch there were animals all over.  Always fun to see pigs, roosters, horses, goats, etc…   The owners had two dogs…not sure what breed they were, but they were cute and friendly.  This is Shelby, she sat near me and posed for the shot.  We all love our pets, so why not take some portraits!

Infrared Portraits

When shooting Doa in downtown Austin recently I brought my converted Infrared Camera and tried taking IR Portraits for the first time.  I had some great results!  A few of the pics I have to save for my up and coming IR Photography book to be published by Focal Press. But here I can show you how beautiful an IR Portrait looks.

Most shots have to be converted to B&W.  But you can also go with Sepia..and a slight chance a color version may work!  The key to such a shot is that the IR filter makes the skin look silky and smooth.  No touch up needed.  I had Doa pose in many ways…looking at the camera and not.  I found out that a direct view of the eyes is not a good thing in IR.  It looks too harsh and zombie like.  Above you can see she is looking away…safe!  It was a great learning experience!

The next step in my IR portraits is to get a couple pose with foliage in the background.  Now that will be sweet! I’ll post a version when I get one here!  Enjoy!

Puppy Portraits?

We have a cute little Yorkie-Poo and she is used to my camera snapping pics whenever we are out!  Over the weekend we went looking for bluebonnets and found only a few.  I was taking pics of my daughter and looked over to see our little pup posing for me!  I added the Pixel bender effect and enjoyed the look! Spring has arrived! Puppy Portraits?  Why not!