This might be one of the first ever of this kind!  Here is my creation.  An infrared photo from Miami, Florida in HDR + Studio shot converted to B&W = a cool combo!  I was not sure how it would work.  Hope you enjoy!


Studio Sports Session

From our studio…we set up various lighting Grids and Umbrellas to get some cool effects for Blake and Brady. The first photo is a composite photo (shot in studio and placed at Lake Travis HS Football Stadium).

Congrats Graduates!

For all those who have recently graduated…congrats!!  A perfect time for portraits!  I have learned to make sure the “year”…this was 2011 is situated correctly on the tassle for each photo.  Tough when it wants to spin around.  With this shot…I did a little selective color.  Enjoy!

Love is in the Air!

I attended my first Texan wedding on Saturday and had a chance to photograph this lovely day for Sean and Natalie!  Everything was amazing!  Such a beautiful ceremony.  It makes taking pics that much easier!  It was great seeing cowboy hats, belt buckles, cowboy boots and it was even on a ranch!  Just perfect!  I love wedding shots with selective color.  I thought this one would work well.  Enjoy!  ..and congrats to Sean and Natalie!

Infrared Portraits

What a challenge it is shooting portraits in infrared!   Sharpness of shots with an IR camera is already a step behind the standard visible camera we all know and use as focal points are different. But thanks to plug-ins, you can generate a solid IR portrait.  This is the lovely Tiffany posing for my IR shot.  Enjoy!

Black & White Portraits

With the Nikon Creative Lighting System…a flash in the afternoon becomes a great source for extra kick light!  My goal is to master this method in the next year!  I have seen photo shoots with Joe McNally when he uses 12 lights!!  Yikes!   I hope to just use 3 for now.  He is a super pro!