Wildcats Team Poster – Composite

Wildcats Team Poster

This recent composite is one of my favs…it is my daughters softball team. It is our first season of softball. Def a fantastic sport for girls. We have a great team and coaches. While watching the games every weekend I had recent thought about a “Team Poster”. Once the background was complete…the fun part was to get the photo session complete in mid-season. This past Saturday I brought all my gear (I’ll post the list below) and set up a white backdrop clamped onto the backstop. I do not use green screen. It can cause a green hue for composites. I had an hour to photograph all the players as they warmed up before the game. We got it in and I processed for about 3 hours Sunday AM to complete the poster. Now its time to order some prints or vinyl banners!!! I really enjoy doing these posters….hopefully I will have a chance to photograph more teams in the future! Such a great keepsake!

Gear List:
Nikon D300
Nikon 70-200 f/2.8
Denny Mfg Freedom Cloth – White backdrop
2 – clamps (purchased at Home Depot)
Paul C Buff – Einstein 640W Strobe
Paul C Buff 36″ Octa
Paul C Buff Vanguard Mini Battery Pack
Manfrotto Stand

I used the Octa straight on to the subjects…I had the camera lower and slightly to the left. The Einstein are amazing lights…so much power! Beautiful even light! I am ready to give up on my hot shoe flashes!!


6 comments on “Wildcats Team Poster – Composite

  1. I really dig the poster. I’ve seen baseball teams do trading cards. The kids love stuff like that. I built our site so the girls could see game videos and photos and now it’s taken on a life of its own. I need a team parent that has skills like yours.

    • Thanks! Def a fav of mine as well. =) Parents are loving it as well! I haven’t looked at offering my skills to the league yet..but probably soon! How are sales for the photos? Pete

      • For us, it’s a team 8×10 and a player 3×5 in a cardboard frame for around $15. I think just about every girl gets a package and we have just over 300 players in the league. We can order extra prints in different sizes but nothing like your custom poster. I’m sure a travel team would go for a banner like that.

  2. That is a nice gig! =) I’d like to get into this business. I bet it is hard to get in the door at the leagues?

  3. Pete I love this banner! Great Job! I was curious, what are the dimensions you used for the poster and the banner?? I’m looking to do something like this very soon.

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