Senior Portraits

I finally had a chance to head downtown Austin for a Senior photo shoot with Kirstinia.  We had a crew!  My little one, Kirstinia’s family and I had some super excellent help from my good friend Mike Tuuk and his son Evan as well!  They assisted me on lighting.  For this shot it was just 2 Nikon SB-700’s on each side, one with an umbrella and one just with a diffuser attachment.  We walked by this spot and we knew we had that perfect urban look.  I seriously need to go back here and HDR this area.  Super cool.


6 comments on “Senior Portraits

  1. Alex Suarez says:

    Nicely done, Peter! I like the razor wire.

  2. Thanks Alex! It is right where we took that Frost building shots with Eight (in the alley)!

  3. nicely done, great use of light and contrast against the skin color interesting angle too.. I like it.!

  4. Alex Suarez says:

    Very cool. I’ll have to go back.

  5. hdrexposed says:

    Stunning work Pete, love that lighting!

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