Photo shoot in Austin

This past Friday we had another great photo shoot.  Our lovely model was Tiffany!  We had lots of fun shooting downtown and grabbing many shots.  We happened to be shooting in front of a new bar bar called TenOak …it just opened this past week and the owner invited us in to shoot inside!

It has a cool vibe to it and a must to check out if you heading out downtown in Austin.  The seating in front of the bar has a top that was made from beautiful wood.  It was super reflective.  I asked Tiffany and the owner if she could lay down on it and I’d try a few shots and see if they would come out.

Whats cool was that Michael Tuuk was taking a photo of the bar at the same time I was taking this shot! Click on his link and you can see Tiffany in this pose from a distance and on the far right you can see my softbox.   Michael’s shot was very cool!!

I used a Nikon SB-600 with the LumiQuest III Softbox attached positioned about 6 feet on the bar directly in front of her.   The reflection looks great!  I touch up in software call “Portrait Professional“.  Simple and easy!


One comment on “Photo shoot in Austin

  1. hdrexposed says:

    Stunning work Pete, the reflection is awesome!

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